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By Rohingay Vision TV Correspondents | 17th September 2018 

Jeddah: A Rohingya died in a hunger strike in Al Suhaimisi jail in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, demanding their immediate release since last night (16th Sept), reports jailed Rohingya from the ongoing hunger strike.

Due to long-term imprisonment from late 2012, the Rohingya became intolerable in the jail and in combating the situation they decide to do a hunger strike.

According to updates receive at 12 AM, a Rohingya died in hunger strike who was identified to be Hamid, hailing from Donghali village of Maungdaw Township.

Initially, he fainted due to hunger and thirst along with other two Rohingya and was taken to the hospital, where he took his last breath.

The dead victim was from room no. 740 and his son Emran, is also jailed in room no. 640 at Al Suhaimisi jail, who gave us his death confirmation.

The other two fainted victim was identified. one named to be Zahedur Rahman  S/O Zafor Alam, 25 from Sindong Village of Buthidaung Township and another was Muhammed Yunus S/O Sayed Alom from Shiddafar of Maungdaw Township.

Immediately after the hunger strike started, jail authorities came and snatched away all their blanket and left Rohingya shivering at a very low temperature.

Now, the hunger strike prolonged and its now 5 meals that Rohingya refused to take until their release, reports a Rohingya today at 11 AM.

Hundreds of Rohingya people were detained in different detention centers in Saudi Arabia since 4 – 5 years. Reason for detaining was just improper documentation issues, as Rohingya are denied citizenship and passport in their own country and are facing a genocide.

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