Rohingya Vision TV is the world’s first Rohingya Satellite TV channel that enacts as the watchdog of the Rohingya’s issues, translates Rohingya’s grieves and amplifying the voice of the most persecuted and deprived people of the world.

Established on April 21, 2012, Rohingya Vision (Rvision) is the first TV news station dedicated to the Rohingya community. Its ultimate goal is to unveil the tales of long-ignored Rohingya, who have been neglected for decades.

Since then, Rohingya Vision is the only dedicated media for the Rohingya. With the vision of creating awareness on the Rohingya plight globally, translate their grievances, reporting actual stories and reviving the culture and social spirit, Rvision broadcast variety of programs and runs news agencies in multiple languages.

Besides actual Reporting and Producing News Stories, RVision exclusively Archives Genocide Evidence and Trains Citizen Journalists.

In its journey of covering the plight of the Rohingya Genocide, Rohingya Vision gained recognition globally and became one of the most trusted and exclusive sources of the Rohingya Plight.

It’s work of reporting, analyzing, evidencing have been highly appreciated and caught the spotlight of many leading media and channels. Since then many reports, articles, visuals, and short stories have been made on the operation of RVision itself.

To keep its work dedicated work persisting for its most persecuted people, Rohingya Vision TV humbly request all of you to be a helping hand through your possible minimum donations and coordination. Your helping hand can be a tool to amplify the voice of this forgotten & voiceless – Rohingya.

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