Impact of RVision

RVision is the most trusted and viewed TV channel within Rohingya in the international arena. It gained its role as the world’s first Rohingya TV and news network, particularly a news breaker for the international media and community. Along with daily news in Rohingya language for its people, it has various programs that shed light on the neglected parts of Rohingya such as history, language, culture and spirituality.

Through its vast network of citizen journalists, it has created a separate portal of evidence collection for the genocidal crimes and extended its work in creating crime maps and tables from this serious data. Its news and programs in various languages have helped to counter the narrate of the Burmese government’s propagandas and tell Rohingya side of the story as a balanced narrative for people.

Along with its role as a TV channel, it has also extended its work in community building and empowerment projects such as women empowerment, sports and language development. Through its programs it has been empowering Rohingya children, youth and women, in their culture, history and spirituality that have been long neglected and are at the edge of extinction. Parallel to empowerment, through its training programs, Rohingya youth and activist have helped in their capacity building in media fields like journalism, photography, videography, video editing, reporting and evidence collection and archiving.

Rvision broadcasts video news on a daily basis in Rohingya and Burmese language for its audience and English video news on weekly basis.


Rvision is the first broadcast media institution that introduced media culture to the Rohingya people and its has trained 100’s of youth around the world in the field of media and communication. Rvision introduced first Rohingya TV anchor and first female Journalist and Rvision is titled “the world first Rohingya TV”. Rvision is legally registered. Rvision is the first Rohingya TV that broadcasted on Satellite frequency in 2016 for continuously one year over Nile Sat. since 2012 Rvision has produced more then 6000 video content and over 70000 exclusive news stories and evidence has been published. Over 65 million views and 150k subscriber on YouTube lone and 200k followers on our site and social media. Rvision role has been recognized and reported by many International media and organizations such as New York Time, Al Jazeera, BBC, Reuters, NHK, AP, AFP, Anadulo Agency and some has made exclusive documentary on Rvision.

Rvision is in constant coordination with various media agencies and has made many valuable partnership and collaboration with International organizations as news breaker and unfolding genocidal crimes.

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Why Should you care?

Since 2012, Rohingya Vision (Rvision) is unveiling the genocidal crimes and horrific stories of human right abuses and ongoing atrocities against the Rohingya minority in Rakhine state. Rvision become one of the primary sources of news for the international media, thus breaking the information barrier that was long blocked. Rvision documents and broadcasts various programs to bring awareness to the Rohingya plight locally and internationally. Rvision advocates and trains local Rohingya people to become undercover journalists and activists to fulfil the gap and it is the only way to get access and extract accurate information. Over the years, Rvision developed a significant methodology to train and equip locals to extract news, footage and documents from Rakhine sate. Rvision plays very important role among Rohingya community locally and globally in raising awareness, giving a voice and shaping the community.