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On July 1st, the Arakan Army (AA) conducted a raid in Du Young Pyin Gyi, a Rohingya village in southern Maungdaw Township, Arakan State, Myanmar, and abducted six Rohingya.

During a door-to-door inspection, AA abducted six Rohingya villagers under false allegations. The abducted individuals are Hafez Mohammad Younus, Mr. Anamul Hason (son of Nur Islam), Foriz Ullah (son of Oli Ahmed), Azizur Rahman (son of Kolim Ullah), Mohammad Zunaid (son of Fozol Hoque), and Abdullah (son of Abdul Hakim). All are residents of Du Young Pyin Gyi village in southern Maungdaw Township.

A resident reported that AA inspected all houses and buildings in Du Young Pyin Gyi village and abducted people with false allegations, inhumanely beating those who were taken.

β€œAfter abducting the Rohingya, AA beat them inhumanely under false allegations and they were taken to higher-level AA troops by the lower-level troops,” said another witness.

A family member of one of the abducted individuals stated that the whereabouts of the six Rohingyas remain unknown since their abduction. Family members and villagers are worried for their safety and are demanding their immediate release.

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