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One Rohingya refugee died on the spot and two others sustained serious injuries in a landmine explosion in Bangladesh on July 7th at approximately 2:30 PM.

Three Rohingya refugees went to catch crabs on Lal Diya Island in the Naf River, which is located on the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar. Suddenly, a landmine exploded, killing one instantly and severely injuring the other two.

The refugee who died on the spot was identified as Mohammad Jubair, about 18 years old, and a resident of FDMN Camp No. 27 in Bangladesh.

The two injured refugees are identified as Mohammad Abdu Shukkur, about 20 years old, and Shalom. Both are also residents of Refugee Camp No. 27 in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Among the injured, Shalom sustained very serious injuries and has been admitted to Cox’s Bazar Hospital, where he is undergoing treatment. Mohammad Abdu Shukkur, who also sustained injuries, is admitted to TDH Hospital for treatment.

The dead body of Mohammad Jubair and the two injured refugees were discovered by fishermen in the Naf River, who then carried them to the camp and admitted them to the hospital.

The planting of landmines and other explosives by armed groups poses a severe threat to vulnerable Rohingya fishermen.

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