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A Rohingya individual was killed and several others were injured in a heavy weapons explosion in West Myo Ma Ward, Maungdaw Township, Arakan State, Myanmar, on July 5, 2024, around 12 p.m.

β€œThere is a Myanmar military barrack in West Myo Ma Ward, and the Arakan Army (AA) attacked it with heavy weapons. The weapons landed in a Rohingya village, causing explosions that killed one Rohingya man and injured several others,” reported a local source.

The AA fired heavy weapons, which fell in Payzi Hamlet, Myo Ma Ward, at around 12 p.m. on July 5. The explosions occurred more than twice in Rohingya residential areas, killing a 13-year-old Rohingya boy and injuring several others.

Drones and heavy weapons were fired from the direction of Rakhine villages, striking Rohingya residential areas and causing fatalities and injuries among the Rohingya population.

In response, four AA members involved in the drone attacks were apprehended by the Myanmar military on July 4, around 4 p.m., near Maungdaw Public Hospital.

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