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On the night of July 3rd, heavy fighting erupted near Maungdaw city in Arakan State, leaving local Rohingya residents in fear as they reported hearing continuous gunfire and explosions. The clashes between the Myanmar Military and the Arakan Army (AA) continued throughout the night, despite heavy rainfall.

A resident of Maungdaw stated, “Despite the heavy rain last night, the sounds of fighting could be heard from all directions.”

The AA is attempting to surround Maungdaw, using drones to attack the city and the vicinity of Nakaka 5. In response, the Myanmar Military has been firing heavy weapons from Myothigyi Nakaka 5 and using artillery from their naval warship in Kayin Chaung, according to military sources.

“The AA is desperately trying to capture Maungdaw, while the Myanmar military is sending reinforcements and utilizing air force support to resist the AA’s advances,” a local source reported.

The exchanges of fire have caused explosions in residential areas, directly impacting Rohingya communities. On the morning of July 4th, around 9:30 a.m., two Rohingya youths, Mamod Amin and Mamod Ayas, were seriously injured by a large weapon explosion in Shweza (Middle Village).

This intensifying conflict continues to endanger the lives of Rohingya civilians, worsening their already precarious situation and highlighting the urgent need for international intervention and support.

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