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Jeddah (May 20) – The Rohingya man who was mercilessly beaten by Saudi Security forces and thrown unconscious finally reached Jeddah detention center with his injuries to join other thousands of Rohingya detained for years, according to an inmate.

On 19th May, Sunday at around 5:00 pm in Nakkasah Quarter of Makkah, Saudi Arabia, a Rohingya called Osman was assaulted physically and left unconscious in the place where he was arrested.

He was arrested because he could not afford his iqama renewal. Due to failure to show a valid iqama, he was inhumanely ill-treated by those patrolling police and left him when he lost consciousness and became bloodied with several injuries.

Watch: A Rohingya Beaten, Thrown Unconscious by Saudi Security

After his videos went viral and his breathing still was confirmed, the police picked him up to the hospital. Once he recovered from his unconsciousness, he was directly sent to the detention center where thousands of Rohingya have been suffering for years.

There are thousandsof Rohingya in Saudi Detention Centers, who has been detained for years under Iqama law, hundreds of them were deported forcefully to Bangladesh where they were directly sent to imprisonment under passport and immigration law.

Rohingyas in Saudi Arabia are in dilemma, as they can’t afford the legal living expenses there nor they could go back to there homeland. AK al-Arakani said β€œUNHCR should consider our situation to give refugee status or resettle to a third country.”