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By Rohingya Vision TV

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Once again Rohingya detainees in Saudi detention are on a hunger strike since yesterday in demand of freeing themselves and ceasing the forced deportation of Rohingya to Bangladesh, reports a detainee on 14th April 2019.

In their hunger strike until now dozens fell ill without food and water and they are denying to take any food until their release.

Watch their miserable situation inside the detention:

Hundreds of Rohingya detained in the detention centre of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is observing a hunger strike due to their long term imprisonment since 2012.

Most of them are detained with the allegations of fake documents and fingerprint issues, which Rohingya usually uses to enter Saudi Arabia to flee persecution in their home country, Burma.

All the detainees have ceased their eating and drinking, according to the latest testimonial video received from a detainee.

According to the detainee reported, the main purpose of this hunger strike is to decide their fate, as they can no longer bear the unjustified long-term imprisonment.

Earlier in a hunger strike, a Rohingya died and the rest detainees were convinced by assuring that Saudi officials will come up with a solution within two months.

Read more on the earlier hunger strike:

Since then two batches of Rohingya were deported to Bangladesh and the latest 13 deported Rohingya are detained in Bangladesh jail, again with the case of documents forgery.

Read more on the deported Rohingya from Saudi Jail:

In this regard, many international human Rights groups highly criticized and condemned Saudi Arabia for its cruel stance, but so far nothing is seen in action to alleviate Rohingya’s sufferings.

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