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By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 20th January 2019

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Nearly more 250 Rohingya detainees are prepared to be deported from the detention center of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, reports a detainee today.

After the recent batch of 13 Rohingya deported to Bangladesh, another 250 Rohingya are being prepared to be forcefully deported to Bangladesh.

The Rohingya who are prepared to be deported are in a chaotic situation as they fear of being once again detained in Bangladesh, like the previous deported Rohingya.

Β β€œWe are being deported after being detained for almost 4-5 years”, according to the video filmed secretly by a detainee.

Since 2012, thousands of Rohingya had to flee their home back in Arakan, Burma in a state-sponsored violence and in doing so, they had to use any passport which they could manage by any means.

Although detained Rohingya proved themselves as Rohingya, but they are being forcibly prepared to be deported with the fingerprint issues in their entry to Saudi Arabia.

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