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Makkah (May 19) – A Rohingya has been assaulted and beaten unconscious by security forces in Makkah who left the scene throwing him in a dirty place.

The incident happened on 19th May, Sunday at around 5:00 pm in Nakkasah Quarter of Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

The victim is identified to be Osman, a Rohingya resident in Makkah, who earns live selling vegetables.

Eyewitnesses recorded the last part of the incident while the security forces were leaving the scene when they realized that the victim lost his consciousness and became bloodied due to severe physical assault. According to eyewitnesses, they threw him into a dirty place beside the road without calling an ambulances.

The reason of assault is yet to be known, but another Makkah resident Rohingya said on condition of anonymity, “This kind of incidents happen on daily basis. Everyday security forces raid Rohingya markets, mosques and public gatherings, and chase, harass, arrest or beat the people. Osman, the victim is now in critical condition. I am not sure he is still alive or passed away. He need to be hospitalized urgently. But the police left him laying down on the ground.”

“Most of the Rohinyga migrants residing in Saudi Arabia could not renew their residence permits, because of the dramatic increase in the Iqama fees and changes in the residence policies that effect Rohingya residents most. This is why the authorities always harass us.” he added.

There are thousandsof Rohingya in Saudi Detention Centers, who has been detained for years under Iqama law, hundreds of them were deported forcefully to Bangladesh where they were directly sent to imprisonment under passport and immigration law.

Rohingyas in Saudi Arabia are in dilemma, as they can’t afford the legal living expenses there nor they could go back to there homeland. AK al-Arakani said “UNHCR should consider our situation to give refugee status or resettle to a third country.”

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