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China & India have raised invalid interrogation at United Nation’s 5th Meeting of Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations – 2018 regular session, which started from 29 January and ended today (7 February).

The session unfolded usually with review of the applications of the NGO’s from different parts of the world by the selected 19 committee members.

Among all the application of other Non-Governmental Organization’s (NGO) application, A Rohingya NGO named Rohingya League Ltd. have also applied for being accredit as a non-governmental organizations with consultative status at the United Nations.

In response to the application, 17 committee members out of 19 agreed while India and China as usual raised invalid interrogation on the Rohingya Organization.

Initially member from China raised question about its technical issues and displayed the website as not reachable, which have been hacked by the Burmese government earlier in late 2017.

Following China, India also raised invalid arguments about this Rohingya Initiative. She raised question on changing its name which was earlier named as Rohingya Federation of Arakan, Burma.

After queries conducted by Rohingya Vision TV, changing organization’s name was suggested by the United Nation itself because of the UN standard for terminology, which they mentioned in their email to the organization.

Beside the name she expressed her doubts about the objective of the League and said it does not have any specific projects and any budgets allocated for their projects. Thus questioning on the aim of the League without any valid justification.

The Rohingya Federation of Arakan, Burma strives to promote human rights (as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent United Nations conventions and declarations) throughout the world, and in particular in relation to the Rohingya community both within and outside Burma, by world-wide campaign to challenge the human rights deprivation and seeking justice for victims of human rights, racial discrimination, statelessness, human trafficking, ethnic cleansing and advance the education and training and relieve financial hardship of those seeking asylum or granted refugee status and their dependents in need thereof (including by the provision of legal and other advice) so as to advance them in life and assist them to adapt within a new community.

Their activity includes Human rights, Policy and Advocacy, Disaster and Emergencies, Refugees and Asylum seekers, Health, Education, Culture and Development for Rohingya across the diaspora.

Among their renowned projects are the: IQRA, THE ROHINGYA THINK TANK, SHIFA, THE STATELESS and RELEIEF PROGRAM by which they have helped hundreds of Rohingya around the world.

It’s not the first time that China or either India raised questions or expressed doubts about any mandate or recommendation for any Rohingya organization and decision taken in restoring back the rights or ceasing the ongoing human right abuses on Rohingya.

Both India and China have huge infrastructure projects in Arakan (Rakhine) – the India-funded Kaladan multi-modal project designed to provide a sea-river-land link to its remote northeast through Akyab (Sittwe) port and the China-funded Kyauk Phyu port, which is to be the starting point of an oil-gas pipeline and railroad link to Yunnan State in China.

From their usual interrogation and invalid arguments the alignment of China and India with Burma (Myanmar) is clearly observed. And these sort of illogical arguments are just time buying procedures in the UN sessions to further delay the development or solution to the Rohingya initiatives and eventually their crises.

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