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According to Bangladesh media, 29 Myanmar Border Guards again fled to Bangladesh due to the ongoing fighting with the Arakan Army and Myanmar military in Arakan State.

Border Guard spokesperson, Shariful Islam, said that ’29 members of Myanmar Border Guards arrived in Bangladesh. They crossed the Banchhari border area and took refuge under the 11th Border Guard Battalion at Naikhongchhari, Bangladesh, on 11th March 2024.’

During the fighting between the Arakan Army and Myanmar military in Arakan state, many camps and outposts of the Myanmar military were captured by the Arakan Army (AA), and there are many reports that soldiers of the Myanmar military surrendered their weapons and bowed down their heads to Arakan Army (AA). Many Myanmar Border Guards also fled to Bangladesh.

In addition, it is learned that the Arakan Army (AA) launched an offensive attack on the outposts, located at Taungpuru East and Taungpuru West, and both outposts were captured by the Arakan Army (AA) completely in early February.

During the attack, 330 Myanmar Border Guards, including 4 civilians, fled to Bangladesh and took refuge there and were then brought back to Myanmar by ships on February 15th by the Bangladesh Government.

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