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Myanmar’s military junta is once again targeting the Rohingya, this time with a coercive recruitment drive disguised as an offer of freedom of movement. For decades, we Rohingya have faced persecution, denied citizenship, and confined to displacement camps in Arakan state. Now, the junta is attempting to conscript us into military service, further deepening our suffering and creating inner community conflict.

The enactment of the People’s Military Service Law has only intensified our plight. Faced with the choice of serving in the military or risking imprisonment, many Rohingya are left with no options but to accept or death. The junta’s desperation for recruits stems from its losses to the Arakan Army, yet instead of addressing the root causes of conflict, they exploit our community, disregarding our rights and dignity and using us human shield.

Despite being stateless and marginalized, we Rohingya refuse to be pawns in the military’s game. Recent efforts by the junta to force us into military training through arrests and coercion only strengthen our resolve to resist. We see through their attempts to create divisions between us and other ethnic groups, particularly the Moghs known as Rakhine, and we refuse to be manipulated any further even though some Rohingya youth have been forced to train and sent to the war field with arms.

As we continue to endure oppression and injustice, we call on the international community to stand with us in solidarity. The junta’s actions not only violate our rights but also perpetuate the cycle of violence and instability in Myanmar. It’s time for the world to recognize our plight and support our struggle for justice and equality.

Opinion by Independent writer: Noor Hassan