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By Rohingay Vision TV Correspondents | 22nd October 2018

Jeddah: A Rohingya detainee nearly died due to severe illness while waiting for his release in Al-Shumaisi Jail/Detention Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia today (22nd October 2018), reports another detainee.

The dead Rohingya in Al-Shumaisi Jail/Detention Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia today. Image: RVISION TV

The ill Rohingya was earlier reported to be dead but now updated report confirms that he is alive and is still lingering with his illness. He was detained three months ago and was sick since then.

Due to long-term imprisonment from late 2012, the Rohingya became intolerable in the jail and their health conditions are worsening day by day.

Earlier they also held hunger strike in combating the situation and in that period an innocent Rohingya also lost his life.

Hundreds of Rohingya people were detained in different detention centers of  Saudi Arabia since 4 – 5 years. Reason for detaining was just improper documentation issues, as Rohingya are denied citizenship and passport in their own country and are facing a genocide.

Along with them, their families and relatives are also starving in the makeshift camps of Coxs Bazaar, Bangladesh and they were seen in multiple protest since their family member’s imprisonment in Saudi Arabia.

Detained Rohingya from the jail urged and pleaded to King Salman and Saudi Government for their immediate release once again today.

[Note: Earlier due to this Rohingya’s severe illness he was thought to be dead by other detainee and later reports confirms him to be alive]

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