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After the successful deportation of seven Rohingyas who were lodged at the Silchar jail to Burma (Myanmar), New Delhi is clearing the decks for deportation of 23 more Rohingyas currently lodged in three detention camps of Assam.

Reports confirmed that the verification of the nationality of these 23 Rohingyas has been confirmed and the deportation is likely to take place any time.

Notably, the detainees have themselves testified their nationality and even the Burmese Government, it is learnt has agreed to accept the Rohingyas into their territory ensuring their safety and security.

The Assam Tribune quoting sources in a report stated that all the 23 Rohingya, who were detained for entering the country, are currently lodged in Silchar, GoalparaTwenty-threeand Tezpur detention camps.

The report also stated quoting sources that the maximum numbers of Rohingya detainees Twenty-three in Tezpur.

The report further stated quoting sources that the documents related to the home addresses of these 23 Rohingya along with their written consent, have already been verified by the Burmese authorities through the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of External Affairs.