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New Delhi β€” Rohingya Human Rights Initiative ( and Indus Art Collective conducted art workshop with local and Rohingya refugee students at Khajuri Khaj, New Delhi on February 7, 2020, according to Sabber Kyaw Min, the Founder & Director of the Rohingya Human Rights Initiative.

28 students from local community and refugee community participated in the workshop that aimed at empowering the youngsters by giving focus to their surroundings in order to observe and learn different aspects of life through art and craft activities.

Min told RVision β€œThrough this activity, we are enabling and equipping children to solve and tackle different issues through creative pursuits (that) will enrich and further give more opportunities to develop their imagination and research of life.” adding β€œThe education program has been an intrinsic part of Rohingya Human Rights Initiative.”

This program, according to him, strives to teach children and youth computer literacy and other branches of knowledge, strengthen opportunities for vulnerable communities, provide equal opportunities for unprivileged class and work for gender equality.

With the assistance and support of various donors including Salmah Health, Education and Welfare Trust; UNHCR; and The Peacebuilding Project, the students studying under this program have received a number of stationery items through R4R.

β€œWe have plan to conduct art workshop in Delhi, Mewat and Faridabad.”