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Maungdaw: Ongoing persecution on remaining Rohingyas in their native land by Myanmar authorities, their puppets and extremist Rakhine civilians, and the disability caused by the wars and operations are still forcing them out of the country amid the continuous talks and attempts between Myanmar and Bangladesh to repatriate about 1 million refugees who survived a cleansing operation perpetrated by NLD and its military partner in 2017.

According to sources, fresh flows of tens of refugees to Bangladesh and other ASEAN countries have been observed while there are many others to set off due to desperate and dire situation in Rakhine.

Last Friday BGB patrol caught six Rohingya trying to cross the borders and sent them back to Myanmar, Dhaka Tribunes reports, in addition to another two dozens of genocide survivors deported last month.

Bangladesh is committed not to allow any Rohingyas to enter its territory. BGB beefed up surveillance along the Myanmar border to stop the influx of Rohingyas entering Bangladesh.

In last couple months, there are reports that several other batch of trafficking victims from IDPs were arrested by Myanmar authorities in the mainland who were being trafficked to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia by some Rakhine traffickers in collaboration with local authorities.