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Cox’s Bazar: Many areas in Rohingya refugee camps at southern Cox’s Bazar are badly affected by the downpours causing massive floods and landslides.

The southwestern monsoon of regional rainy season blowing angrily brought heavy rains on almost daily basis, destroyed thousands of refugee makeshifts and set their belongings afloat down the flood in low areas and causing landslide in the mountainous areas.

Thousands of refugees survived to safe locations and fatal casualties are not reported yet. Some camps especially in Leda (down) are totally sank down the water, according to a victim.

As all the temporary shelters of refugees are built up of light materials like bamboos, tarpaulins, papers, tins and woods, they are not strong enough to resist such an angry weather. Moreover, the random location of houses, improper water flowage, and lack of civil plans are contributing factors in quickly responding to the weather.

The government shutdown of mobile networks is also to be blamed as to be a troubling move in this kind of natural disaster. Because refugees could not communicate each other for any cooperation and spreading information on any situations, even it is reportedly impossible to look for the lost members of their lost family members.

People are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. The situation may get worse as the rainy season is reaching its peak days.