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By Rohingay Vision TV Correspondents | 20th March 2019

Buthidaung: A Military placed anti-personnel mine exploded & killed a Rohingay yesterday (19th March) in a village of Buthidaung Township, reports a local.

At around 12:30 PM in Abdu Gani fara of Pyan Yu Latt village tract a heavy sound was heard by the villagers as soon as a military implanted anti-personnel mine exploded in nearby Shelisha mountain.

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In the explosion an old Rohingay, who went to collect his oxen on the mountain as his part of daily routine of grazing his cattles died in the inhumane incident. The deceased was identified to be Abul Hussain S/O Mahul Hussain, 54.

Locals suspects it was placed by the military from battalion no. 551 in this ongoing fight between Burmese Army and Arakan Army (AA).

β€œAlthough they (Burmese military & AA) are fighting but they have been placing these bombs for Rohingyas from a very long time and many Rohingya have lost their legs, hands and even their life like Abdu ghani,” says a Rohingya from the village.

Villagers explained that he is a very poor man who works day and night to feed his 10 daughters and wife and has no son as well to support him.

Now due to his sudden death, his family members are in dilemma to mourn over his death or to worry for their upcoming days without any source of possible income.

The placing of anti-personnel mines and killing of Rohingya have been going on Rohingya since decades and now even after throwing a population of two/third out of Arakan, the remaining are also tortured and abused day and night by the Brutal military junta under the shield of a democratic government.

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