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By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 21st March 2019

Leda, Cox’s Bazaar: Another Rohingya youth lost his life in an elephant attack at Leda Makeshift camp yesterday (20th March), reports a Rohingya from the incident scene.

[The dead body of Muhammed Karim was tore apart into pieces by the elephant attacks. Image: RVISION TV]

In Block D of Leda makeshift camp a Rohingya youth named Muhammed Karim Ullah, 22 was attacked and killed by a wild elephant from the nearby hilly area.

The elephant attacked and tore apart his body into pieces, which were later discovered by the nearby Rohingya.

β€œIt was such a heart breaking scene to collect the pieces of a human body and to see a person dying in this inhumane manner,” says a Rohingya involved in discovering the corpse.

Earlier on 22nd February 2018, a 12 year old child died and 30 other Rohingya injured in an elephant attack in Kutupalong makeshift camp.

Burmese government’s intense genocidal operation since late 2017 has expelled more than 800, 000 Rohingya to neighboring Bangladesh and are now living a life filled with challenges on daily basis

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