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Buthidaung — Myanmar military killed four Rohingya boys injuring critically six others including an adult by firing heavy arm on January 7, at around 10:30 am in Kyauk Yan hamlet of Teik Tu Pauk village tract, South-Eastern Buthidaung, and forced the people to say that it was by landmine explosion threatening them to put their village on fire if they don’t spread misinformation.

The four deceased and five of the injured victims are students whose ages range from eight to ten and they all belong to a private tuition circle led by the adult tutor aged 25 who is also in critical condition.

After finishing their class, the boys led by their tutor were walking through the foot of a mountain, the military attacked them, according to villagers, intentionally.

A villager told RVision, “There was no reason for confusion with any armed holders, because they were kids, in normal civil dress and in clear daylight.” confirming that “It was an intentional targeting.”

Following the attack, the military came to the village and listed the victims and instructed the villagers and relatives on gun point to say that it was by landmine explosion.

The four deceased are Yasin Ullah, 10, son of Abdul Jabbar; Abdur Rahman, 10, son of Mustafa Kamal; Aman Ullah, 8, son of Salim; and Arif Ullah, 8, son of Ali Juhar.

The others injured are Ali Juhar, 25, son of Sultan (the tutor); Amir Hakim, 8, son of Hafiz Ahmed; Abdul Mannan, 8, son of Abdus Salam; Azizur Rahman, 8, son of Mutafa Kamal; Emran, 10, son of Shomsul Alom; and Abu Taher, 10, son of Foyas.

Three of them are under treatment in Buthidaung General Hospital and the three others with critical injuries were transferred to Maungdaw General Hospital.

Rakhine insurgents and Rohingyas are the same targets of military whereas the Rakhine insurgents are also blamed for using Rohingya civilians as human shields or direct targets.