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Maungdaw β€” A Rohingya man from the Lower Hamlet of Myo U (Aye Tar Li Yar) village tract, Maungdaw was kidnapped and set on fire after being tortured severely by four Rakhine men in Urban Maungdaw at around 10 pm on January 8, 2020, in the downtown stadium, according to one of his close relatives.

While the man called Yasin alias Lalu, 40, was on his way back to his village from the downtown at around 6 pm, four Rakhine men forced him to ride a white car with tinted glass and took him away.

They snatched his two gold bracelets, handphone and other belongings, tortured him and stabbed at the legs after tying his hands behind back.

At around 10 pm, they brought him to the downtown stadium, pour petrol all over his body, set him on fire and left him to burn alive.

He finally escaped to Myoma Southern Quarter, Fayzi village calling for help. The locals saved him for death and informed the authorities who admitted him to the hospital at around 11 pm in critical condition.

The head of the criminal gang is identified as U Waing Shay, 45, hailing from Myoma Western Quarter, Dar Ywar, husband of the owner of Daw Chaw Su Beauty Salon. The motive behind the crime is yet to be known.