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By Rohingya Vision TV

Kyauktaw, Arakan: Remaining Rohingya in a village of Kyauktaw Township were accused of planting an anti-personnel land mine by the Moghs (Rakhine), yesterday (25th April 2019), reports a local.

The discovered anti-personnel land mine in Kyauktaw Township yesterday (25thApril 2019). Image: RVISION TV

An anti-personnel land mine was found by a Moghs in Hanjifara village and Rohingya residing in the village were accused of being involved in this matter.

Initially, a Mogh was seen digging and finding the anti-personnel land mine but when a local Rohingya tried to capture its video, he was brutally tortured by the Mogh.

The victim was identified but due to security concerns and fear of arbitrary arrest and torture he wished to be anonymous.

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It is highly believed that to create conspiracy against the remaining Rohingya the mine was purposely placed by Moghs themselves near to this Rohingya village.

Following the incident, village administrator was informed and an acceleration of fear and threat is observed for the Rohingya in their own village.

Earlier many similar incidents happened, where innocent Rohingya were either accused or arbitrarily arrested from which many remained untraceable till today.

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The state-sponsored violence by the Burmese armed forces have destructed many Rohingya villages in Kyauktaw township and few villagers which survived the harsh and brutal condition are still paying the price of living in their own ancestral land.

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