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By Rohingya Vision TV

Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh: An innocent Rohingya was shot dead by a group of Bangladeshi dacoit at a makeshift camp in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh yesterday (26th April 2019), reports’ eyewitnesses.

At camp – 25 of D-11 From Alikhali area, a group of dacoit shot a Rohingya to death, while he was trying to save his brother from being kidnapped.

The family of the killed Rohingya in Alikhali makeshift camp. Video: RVISION TV

The group of Bangladeshi local dacoit came to the house of Rohingya named Lalu to kidnap him and seek ransom as their usual activity.

As Lalu was not at his home that night, they (dacoit) kidnapped his son Abdul Wasey. In the kidnapping, when the child shouted and cried for help, his elder brother came out to rescue him.

In the process of rescuing his brother, the elder brother Ozi Ullah was shot by a dacoit’s bullet and he died immediately in the scene.

Abdul Wasey (Brother of killed Rohingya) tortured by the decoits on 26th April 2019. Image: RVISION TV.

The group of dacoit kidnapped the younger brother and was tortured brutally before releasing him.

Now the family of the deceased Rohingya is in a mourning state and his four children and wife are left without any hope and they urge for immediate justice.

Since 2016 nearly 1.3 million newly arrived Rohingya have been sheltered by the Bangladeshi government and are residing in the makeshift camps of Bangladesh.

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