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Kyauktaw – A Buddhist Rakhine extremist killed a Rohingya elderly man in Pike Sei village (ပိုက်ဆိပ်ကျေးရွာ – locally known as Zailla Fara) of Kyawktaw township on Nov. 3.

While the victim called Abul Husain, son of Abdul Gani, at his fifties, was fishing with net in the public watery field between his village and Thayak Ouk village (သရက်အုပ်) at around 11:30 am, a Buddhist Rakhine youth came out of Thayak Ouk village holding a gun and a sword and started hacking the man without any conversation. Unsatisfied with hacking, he finally slaughtered the man who died on the spot.

Nobody could save Husain as there were more Rakhines gathering around. His family members reported the incident to Kyauktaw downtown police station, who picked up the corpse and hand over to the family for funeral and burial.

Though the murderer was known to the eyewitnesses with his face, his name was not identified. No action is known to have been taken by the police against the him.