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Buthidaung – Three Rohingya civilians including a toddler and a woman are critically wounded in Kyar Nyo Pyin village of south-east Buthidaung and in Thayak Pyin village more than a dozen Rohingya houses are burnt to ground during clashes between Rakhine rebel and Myanmar military Battalion 551 on Nov. 6, 2019, causing displacement of many other Rohingya civilians and death of a Rohingya man today.

The injured victims are identified as Mohammad Jolil, 32, son of Noor Mohammad, Shuna Banu, 45, daughter of Boshor, and Rabiyah Bosori, 2, daughter of Amir Hakim from Thayak Pyin village of Buthidaung township.

The victims especially the toddler are in critical condition and admitted to Buthidaung Hospital.

Today at noon, another bullet hit Shamsul Alom, 40, from Pone Nyo Lei taking his life on the spot while he was taking rest in a shop outside the village.

Rohingya villagers from Kyar Nyo Pyin were forced to flee to neighboring villages as both Rakhines and military had been exchanging gunfire, mortars, rocket launchers and other heavy weapons indiscriminately since 2:00 pm until sunset.

The most affected in these clashes of Rakhine-Bamar are Rohingyas though they are not a part of. So, it is believed that both Rakhines and Bamars attack Rohingya deliberately to wipe the remaining few Rohingya out of their homeland.

In the recent clashes, no casualty in any fighting sides is reported.