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Maungdaw – Rohingya in homeland face restrictions in movement and other daily activities due to lack of National Verification Card (NVC), reports a Rohingya from Northern Maungdaw.

Since the Temporary Identity Card (TIC, White Cards) were invalidated in 2016, Rohingya in homeland used to hold testimonial from the village administration or the receipt proof of TIC submission that was issued upon returning the white cards.

Suddenly from Nov. 6, the Rohingyas experience a new phase of restrictions for hot holding NVC cards. Especially in terms of movement, people are harassed in the checkpoints, fined, or sent back and those holding NVC are allowed to move locally.

Local authorities also started checking NVC from vehicle drivers and strictly prohibiting from travelling locally even though they show driving licence.

This move not only disrupted the survival business and other livelihood activities, but also concerned the local Rohingyas over their future.

A local activist to RVision, β€œBy banning vehicle drivers from moving to and fro, the authorities, I think, have plotted something anew. If they continue to restrict movement, everything including our business activities will be disrupted. Being annoyed, people may flee to Bangladesh.”

β€œOnce they flee and want to come back again, the local authorities extort 1.5 million kyat from each family. This is what currently is happening. They may be expecting this income source” added the man.

Trapped in unavoidable circumstances, many Rohingya were forced to hold NVC. As it is not a permanant identity card, they applied for verification and determination of their permanat status under 1982 law, and have been waiting for years givernment decision though they own proof of existance in Myanmar for generations. It is found that the government either delays the case intentionally or rejects application simpally. Finally those NVC holders have to suffer.

Less people whose status is upgraded to either of citizenship categories also face Rakhines’ objection. In some other cases, children are denied to be citizens with their parents having full citizenship.

β€œNVC is a genocide tool.” Fortify Rights said.