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A tragic incident unfolded on the evening of April 4th, 2024, as Arakan Army (AA) militants mercilessly tortured and killed Isama, also known as Soe Naing, a 35-year-old resident of Sein Hnyin Pya Rohingya village in Buthidaung Township.

Eyewitnesses report that five masked members of the Arakan Army approached Isama and his companions, Ekaram, Abu Foyas, and Zoki Raman, as they were relaxing at a local tea shop. Without warning, the assailants brandished pistols and knives, fatally shooting Isama on the spot before fleeing the scene.

Tragically, Isama sustained gunshot wounds to his shoulder and hand, succumbing to his injuries immediately. This brutal act follows a string of violence perpetrated by the Arakan Army, including the recent killing of Mohib Ullah, an administrative committee member in Buthidaung, on March 13th, 2024, in Khin Chaung Rohingya village.

Furthermore, on March 31st, 2024, over 20 armed members of the Arakan Army stormed Bagunah Rohingya village, issuing threats to villagers and coercing them to join their ranks under the threat of dire consequences.

In a separate incident on the same day, at least six Rohingya individuals, including a two-year-old child and a woman, lost their lives amid clashes between the Arakan Army and Myanmar military forces in Nga Chin Taung Rohingya village. The violence resulted in the destruction of approximately 35 homes, leaving many families homeless.

The wave of brutality unleashed by the Arakan Army continues to devastate Rohingya communities, highlighting the urgent need for intervention to protect innocent lives and ensure lasting peace in the Arakan region.

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