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By Rohingya Vision TV

Kualalumpur, Malaysia: The Rohingya Rose Football Club (RRFC) celebrated its first anniversary with mini-football tournament, prize distribution and various activities in a festive mood at Puchong in Malaysia yesterday (28th July 2019).

The celebration started at 10.00 am with a mini-football tournament where 3 Malaysian teams, 2 Rohingya teams and a Somali team participated. These 6 teams were divided into 2 groups, played 6 group matches, a top-three match, 2 semi-finals and a final. Group A consisted of Puchong Ultras A, Rohingya Rose FC and Somali FC. Group B consisted with Puchong Ultras B, Rohingya FC and Puchong Ultras C. The Puchong Ultras C became the champion beating Puchong Ultras B by 1-0 in full time at the final. The Rohingya Rose FC finished as top-three at the end.

Founder and CEO of Humanity Heroes (Malaysia) Mr. Ashraff Rahman (on left) is distributing the prize to Rohingya young footballer. (Photo: Rvision)

The occasion was sponsored and supported by Humanity Heroes (Malaysia), Rohingya Football Club (RFC), Somali Refugee Community Malaysia, Asean Rohingya Center, Rohingya Education Development Society (REDS) and Rvision TV.

Mr. Ashraff Rahman, founder and CEO of Humanity Heros (Malaysia), a Malaysian humanitarian activist, said to Rvision β€œWe all human being, we are all same. Nobody becomes refugee by choice, so as a fellow human being we should be doing the best we can.”

He further added, β€œAs a Malaysian local I know many of us have negative thinking towards refugees, but my view is if we don’t want refugees then we have to support them to make the situation better at first. I believe this kind of occasion will make a positive impact on Malaysian society.”

RRFC manager Mr. Aman is distributing the prize to the best player of the year. (Photo: Rvision)

The RRFC manager, Mr. Aman said, β€œThe RRFC team consists of Rohingya genocide survivors who took refuge in Malaysia. For us, football is a mean to forget our horrific past.” He also added in conviction, β€œWe refugee also got talent if opportunity given to us, we can prove our skills.”

The coach of Rohingya Football Club (RFC) distributing special gifts to the highest goal scorer. (Photo: Rvision)

The anniversary programme concluded by distributing prizes and lunch to the participants. The atmosphere on the occasion was tremendous. Malaysian local people gathered to enjoy and support sports along with Rohingya and Somali refugees. It was a great exhibition of peace and harmony between host and refugee communities in Malaysia.