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By Rohingya Vision TV

Buthidaung, Arakan: Four Rohingya and a (Mogh) Rakhine got critically injured in differnt villages of Buthidaung Township in prolonged war between Burmese military and Arakan Army (AA), since 26-28th July, 2019, reports Rohingya from the scene.

Today at 10 am in Sandiparang village tract one Rohingya teenage got critically injured in the bullet hit by Burmese military with their machine gun directly. In the village hundreds of bullet were being shot, leaving villagers terrified.

The victim was identified to be Anwar Sadeq S/O Nurul Zaman,14 and is under treatment at Buthidaung general hospital.

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In that village tract nearly 1825 people used to reside and now except few men all females, children and elderly had to be displaced to nearby villages like Fuilmali, etc.

The men had to stay in the villages by risking their life just to secure their paddy fields and plantations, which are their only means of living.

According to a villager, 400-500 military is seen to be roaming in their villages and nearby Mogh villagers have left their homes from last 1-2 months.

Similarly, at 4 am on 26th July, three other Rohingya females and a Mogh from a nearby Rakhine village was also shot by Burmese military at Kadir Wa village of Yaung Chaung village tract.

In the incident bullets from a machine gun hit in a Rohingya’s house and injured two Rohingya females along with torching their home to ashes.

The injured Rohingya were Yasmin Ara D/O Muhammed Hussain,18 (bullet hit her leg) and her elderly aged grandmother. The owner of the torched house was identified to Muhammed Hussain, who is also the father and son of the injured females.

The other injured Rohingya was Sabikun Nahar D/O Yunus,14 from Kitarbil (Thing Daung Bar) village of the same village tract.

Since then, the fight seems to be ceased and Rohingya in the area are in a terrific situation.

The displaced Rohingya from Sandiprang village are in immediate humanitarian needs and their 120 children are out of schools without any education.

Rohingya students in Buthidaung Township. Image: RVISION TV

Following the situation they pleaded to international NGOs and responsible people to raise their hands of compassion towards them in their ongoing dire situation.

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