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Kelantan β€” Doing its part in fighting Covid-19, the Rohingya refugee community in Kelantan treated with lunch the frontline medical workers in two hospitals and security forces working to enforce MCO today in Kelantan.

They distributed meals to Hospital Kota Bharu and Hospital Tumpat, to two police stations and to policemen on duty at roadblocks.

Giving back to this country, doing their part in fighting the plague and appreciating the work of the healthcare frontliners and security forces who are risking their lives for the sake of public health and safety, they have contributed with these meals, according to one of the organizers.

β€œThis pandemic is a test from Allah, where all the doctors and nurses are tirelessly working for our wellbeing risking their own lives. They even have no time for food.” Noor Mohammad told Rohingya Vision, adding β€œAs Malaysia gave us shelter and is safer than our own country, we are grateful to give back to this country and to share what we can.”

Malaysia is home to nearly one hundred thousand Rohingya refugees who escaped the genocide committed against them by the military and Buddhist hardliners in Myanmar. They mostly rely on day labors to survive.

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