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Maungdaw — Enjoying full impunity for his corruptions, the corrupt police sergeant in Urban Maungdaw namely U Hla Myint proudly and carelessly said some Maungdawers “I am a licenced robber.”, Myo Thu Ya reported.

This non-commissioned officer is now and then accused by the Rohingyas in downtown of harassment, extortion, assaults and other atrocities.

According to the source, the last record of extortion was on January 16, 2020 at around 10:00 am, in front of the clock tower.

While Myint was coming by a white Noha with tinted glass, Abul Kalam alias Lalaya, 30, hailing from Myoma Kayandan was moving his Lifan lorry back on R gear after filling fuel from a shop nearby the tower, Myint had to slow down his car.

The police sergeant summoned the driver along with his lorry to the police station, then scolded, assaulted him and extorted 120,000 kyats from the owner of the lorry, Osman, 45, son of Jolal from Myoma Western Quarter.

Reportedly he extorted huge amounts of money from many Rohingyas by threatening or accusing of false allegations.

His victims describe him as ‘very racist and discriminating police officer’.

One of the victims told RVision “The most interesting is if he is shifted to another places, within a month he is seen again here. It means he is well connected to the higher-ranking officers. As he makes good money here, he may bribe them to move to Urban Maungdaw.”