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Buthidaung β€” The administrator of Lay Myo Village Tract of Southern Buthidaung is accused of money extortion from Rohingya under various pretexts and threats, a villager reports to RVision.

According to the source, there are three recent cases recorded by the source that the village admin known as Aung Thi Hla extorted big amounts of money from three different villagers.

150,000 kyats is extorted from Jani Alom, son of Imam Sharif from Chaung Pauk hamlet for relocating his grocery shop within the village. Another amount of 60,000 kyats was also taken previously from Alom.

Mohammad Karim, son of Abdul Razzark from Pone Nyo Leit is also forced to pay 150,000 kyats from owning farmlands in Lay Myo village. It was on January 19, 2020.

Abdul Malek of Lay Myo is also forced to pay 150,000 kyats to have a daughter in Malaysia.

In addition, there are reports of physical assaults and other ill-treatment against this village administrator.

The villager told RVision, β€œif this kind of atrocities continue, Muslim villagers will be forced to flee the village. Write our voice to the government. This man is intentionally trying to create riots. Government should stop this.”