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March 15, 2022

U Nyi Nyi, a 39-year-old Rakhine man and parliamentary candidate from Maungdaw, Rakhine State reportedly beats and exploits Rohingya shopkeepers repairing vehicles for livelihoods.

The Rakhine, an MP candidate in the last election, is a native of Maungdaw Myoma East Ward. He used to drive a boat before and now thrives on the illegal drug business and is running KNN drinking water business, a shopkeeper said.

In addition, Nyi Nyi is an individual candidate for a constituency in northern Maungdaw in the 2020 general election, and he is now misusing the power of his familiarity with all departments.

Nyi Nyi, the criminal, has a drinking water distribution shop on Mahabandula Road of Maungdaw town. Opposite the shop, there are Rohingya-run car and motorcycle repairing shops.

If he wants to repair his car and motorcycle, he goes to Rohingya shops and his work has to be done at first. If the shopkeepers refuse to do his work leaving others who come before, they will physically be insulted and then assaulted.

 He, moreover, does not pay the wages immediately. If the repairers claim their wages, they will be beaten, a local said.

A town-dweller said, β€œU Nyi Nyi is a hater of other religious people, the Muslims. His words are very harsh. If other people come to repair cars or bikes before him, his work has to be done immediately. We cannot ask for wages as he slaps and kicks.

β€œThe Rohingyas have become his slaves now. All the departments are in his pocket and he is harassing us for being Rohingya and having no justice for us.”

On March 11 at 3 am, Nyi Nyi brought a car with a broken body spring to a Rohingya-owned welding shop. The repairer Muhammad Ajou, a 30-year-old welder hailing from Myoma Kayin Dan, demanded 7,000 Kyat and he slapped him on the cheek and beat him saying that he demanded much.

He still cannot not work coming to the shop because he was severely injured in one leg after he had been hit by a spring plate, a relative of the victim said.

In Maynamar, Rohingyas are still facing acute atrocities for which many people are seen fleeing the country by boats.

Reported By: Kyaw Swa Min

Edited By: Md. Shuaib