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March 11, 2022

Fire repeatedly sparked in Bangladesh Rohingya refugee camp, the world largest refugee camp in the world, even today’s fire is intentional and manmade catastrophe, most of the refugees said.     

Today’s fire at camp – 4, close to Kutupalong, destroyed a school and ten shelters but no more causality has been reported.

Although the fire seemed to be devastating largely in the beginning, the refugees themselves were fortunately able to extinguish it before the fire could spread widely, a refugee volunteer who participated in extinguishing fire said

Some Rohingya activists unanimously said, “Some wicked who want to displace the large number of refugees to Bachancar are intentionally setting fire to our tarpaulin shelters.”

“Blazing our shelters again and again is a manmade catastrophe for us, the genocide survivors, and is making a golden chance for camp authorities to take us to Bachancar without any effort,” said some elderly refugees.

Most of the refugees then said that authorities in the camp do not take any measure to find out the sources of fire generation.

Beside, many local culprits who came into the camp to set fire were caught red-handed and surrendered them to the police. But no effective action was taken against them.  

Just three days ago, approximately 554 shelters were burnt completely by a massive fire in camp-5 and the victims have not got relief completely yet.

The refugees, therefore, appeal to the Bangladesh government, UNHCR and INGOs and NGOs as well to let them stay in peace and not to take them as a burden that is needed to be burnt or ruined.  

Reported By: staff correspondent

Edited By: Md. Shuaib