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March 20, 2022

Eleven Rohingya refugee families who were repatriated from Bangladesh to Maungdaw, Rakhine state under the UEHRD plan have been detained by the coup junta.

Eleven families of 32 people from the village of U Shin Kya village ( locally Burashida Fara) north of Maungdaw, who fled their homes to seek refuge from the violent attack of Burmese army in Rakhine State in 2017 officially applied to Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement and Development in Rakhine (UEHRD) in January, 2021 for their return to homeland.

 The families went back to Myanmar, the native country, after getting positive opinion, locals said.

But the UEHRD plan was withdrawn when the Burmese terrorist army seized power from the civilian government in 2021, and these families were confined in the village, restricted their movement, denied their access to medical treatment as well as education and lost working opportunities.

In addition, the Border Guard Police (BGP) from Sector-5, BGP Camp based in Nga Khuyβ€Œa and the immigration jointly went to U Shin Kya at 8 am on March 15 and gathered them by the relevant administrator on the pretext that they were needed to be re-registered from the Reception Center, locals added.

An eyewitness said that on March 17, 2022, BGP handed over 12 children under the age of 18 to their relatives and 17 adults-men and women- over the age of 18 were vaccinated at the Maungdaw District People’s Hospital.

The 17 adults together with 3 infants have been detained at the Maungdaw City Police Station in order to imprison taking them to court on March 31, according to locals, the eyewitness said.

As the families are needed to be held in lock-up for 14 days before being taken to court, BGP has forcibly demanded the relatives to pay 36,000 kyat per head as the expenditure of their food, an anonymous person working closely with BGP said.

The coup junta has not stopped the ROHINGYA EXTINCTION PLAN yet but it tries to convince the ICJ trickily that Rohingyas in the country are not being deprived of their rights so far.

Reported By: Maung Wunna

Edited By: Md. Shuaib