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March 21, 2022

AA competing with the Burmese military in cracking down on Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine state resembles the military junta in various ways of Rohingya persecutions, including forced labor, Rohingya villagers report.

On March 17, 25 Rohingyas from Ye Chan Pyin, Tharek Pyin Village Tract, Buthidaung Township were forced to work at an Arakan Army (AA) camp in Kunky village, according to locals.

 AA, a notorious Rakhine armed group, is summoning helpless Rohingya people for forced labour through its committee.

 “AA members have never used the Rakhine people as forced labour because of being their own people,” an intellectual said.

“But AA, the fresh oppressor of the Muslims, has been using the Rohingyas as forced labour in the spirit of racial and religious discrimination, and have clearly planned to use various forms of genocide,” said the intellectual.

The village administrators in Rakhine State are working with the government and are also the members of AA committee who are fulfilling the group’s needs and guiding for its success.

An activist said, “The military council does not realise that villager administrators are playing a game in favour of AA to defeat its military.”

The Rohingya Muslims in Arakan ( presently Rakhine State) are being attacked from two sides for what their extinction in the country will be seen soon if international community does not take a prompt and necessary action against the two Rohingya Killers.

Reported By: ArakanGo

Edited By: Md. Shuaib