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In the wake of fierce clashes between the Arakan Army (AA) and Myanmar’s Border Guards Police (BGP) along the Myanmar-Bangladesh border in the Taungpuru region, more than 300 BGP personnel from Myanmar have sought refuge in Bangladesh. The escalating violence has forced a significant number of BGP officers to flee, seeking safety across the border amidst the ongoing turmoil.

According to reports, the exodus began on February 4, with 14 BGP officers crossing into Bangladesh to escape the relentless fighting. This was followed by a larger group of 95 BGP officers on February 5, and an overwhelming influx of over 200 officers on February 6. The Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) have provided assistance and medical treatment to the fleeing officers, many of whom have sustained injuries during the clashes.

Authorities have confirmed that among the escaped BGP officers, 15 have been injured, with two of them in critical condition. These seriously injured personnel have been swiftly hospitalized, while the others have been relocated to safe locations under the supervision of Bangladeshi authorities.

This development underscores the gravity of the situation along the border, as tensions continue to escalate between the AA and Myanmar’s security forces. The influx of fleeing BGP officers into Bangladesh further highlights the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the region, as civilians and security personnel alike seek refuge from the violence ravaging their homeland.