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In a tragic turn of events, Phone Nyo Lake Village in the southern part of Buthidaung Township, Arakan State, has come under attack by junta forces. Reports indicate artillery shelling, leading to the loss of lives, with dozens of Rohingya villagers dead and 70 individuals injured.

The junta regime has exacerbated the situation by cutting off local phone networks and internet access, limiting communication and hindering aid efforts. This development underscores the urgent need for accurate information dissemination to comprehend the severity of the situation and provide necessary assistance to those affected.

As the international community closely monitors the unfolding crisis, organizations like the Rohingya Human Rights Initiative are calling for an immediate halt to all attacks on Rohingya civilians in Buthidaung Township and other areas in Arakan. Additionally, there are appeals for armed groups to refrain from occupying civilian areas for military purposes.

The incident has sparked outrage and calls for action, with updates awaited on the number of casualties, the cause of the attack, and the response from local authorities. As tensions escalate in the region, solidarity and support for the Rohingya community are more crucial than ever. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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