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31 Jan, 2024, R Vision

In a harrowing series of events at Hpon Nyo Lake village, Buthidaung Township, Arakan State, Myanmar, the Rohingya community bears the brunt of a devastating toll:

  • 25th Jan: Reports emerge of 12 injuries and one tragic fatality.
  • 26th Jan: The situation intensifies with over 30 injuries, 12 lives lost, and two houses engulfed in flames.
  • 27th Jan: A dire escalation as more than 40 houses succumb to the ravaging fires.
  • 30th Jan: Another life is claimed in the ongoing turmoil.
  • Ongoing: The village echoes with the relentless sounds of gunshots and bomb explosions.

Exclusive to the Rohingya community, the heart-wrenching saga unfolded in Phong Nyo Lae village, Buthidaung Township, with January 26 marking a pivotal moment.

According to RVision’s report on January 26:

The AA group, taking charge of safeguarding Phong Nyo Leng village, a Rohingya settlement, engaged in a fateful confrontation with the military. The midnight exchange escalated as the army deployed heavy weaponry, resulting in a staggering number of Rohingya casualties. While the exact death toll remains uncertain, estimates grimly project numbers ranging from 40 to 50.

Adding to the tragedy, on January 23rd, at Siyong Pulay Taung village, 15-year-old Saka Kha opened fire, claiming the lives of three Rohingya brothers: 17-year-old Farooq, 14-year-old Faisal, and 12-year-old Chhatsel. Eight other villagers sustained injuries.

Compounding the crisis, communication is severely stifled in the northern Rakhine State, as both phone and internet services remain suspended.