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Feb 8, 2024 RVision

In a tragic incident reported by local media, the village of King Taung in Buthidaung Township fell victim to a devastating fire allegedly ignited by the Myanmar Military Council on February 7th. According to sources, the Military Council indiscriminately fired weapons toward several Rohingya villages, including Koang Taung, Yae Chan Pyin, and U Hla Hpay, around 8:27 PM local time. The onslaught resulted in the complete destruction of King Taung, reducing it to ashes, while other villages also suffered significant damage.

Residents of Koang Taung, who spoke to Rohingya Vision, revealed that the majority of Rohingya inhabitants had fled to neighboring villages for safety amid the chaos caused by the conflict between the Arakan Army (AA) and the Military Council. The ongoing violence has made it extremely difficult for villagers to maintain their livelihoods, with continuous gunshots disrupting work and increased prices of goods making essential supplies unaffordable.

As the situation in Arakan State worsens, the people are urgently appealing to international humanitarian organizations for assistance to rebuild their shattered lives. The call for aid underscores the dire need for immediate support to help alleviate the suffering and restore stability to the affected communities.

Source: Local Media
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