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Members of Northern Alliance MNTJP/MNDAA, PSLF/TNLA and ULA/AA excluding KIA jointly released a self-contradictory statement on Nov. 28, 2019 in support of the trial against Myanmar at ICJ and investigation of ICC for its crimes supporting at the same time the Tatmadaw in labelling the Rohingya as “Bengali” and violating their right to self-identity.

The statement said, “We, the MNTJP/MNDAA, PSLF/TNLA, ULA/AA fully support the International Court of Justice (ICJ) where a case has been filed by Gambia accusing Myanmar of genocide against its Bengali Muslim minority…”

It is clearly stated that they expressed their support for the trial against Myanmar because of the shared victimhood of those minorities and Rohingya under Bamar Military aggression, not in solidarity with Rohingya, because erasing Rohingya’s ethnic identity can never be considered as ‘solidarity’ but enmity.

It’s very important for the Rohingya generally and especially their leaders and activists to be clear about the stand of Rakhine rebels being a major stakeholder of Arakan towards Rohingya.

The statement attracted criticism and sparked angers among Rohingya.

The ex-MP U Shwe Maung said that Branding “Rohingya” as “Bengali” is an indirect act of genocide, citing the Article II (b) of The Genocide Convention that reads “Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group” (is also genocide).

Ro Nay San Lwin is quoted by RFA as saying that he welcomes the support of the groups for the legal action against Myanmar and referring to Rohingya as “Bengali” is unacceptable.

Htay Lwin Oo from Civil Rights Movement rejected the statement saying that showing support to ICJ by MTJP/MNDAA, PSLA/TNLA, ULA/AA is unacceptable while using the term used by the warmonger genocidaires to refer to Rohingya. He further described it as “exploiting the situation”.

He also added “Anyone calling Rohingya ‘Bengali’ is also a perpetrator of genocide (against them).”

Another activist Arif Kassim “strongly condemned the statement as it unlawfully manipulated the term used originally by ICJ, ICC and other UN bodies.” He also said that these armed group just want to retaliate the Tatmadaw as a common enemy violating Rohingya’s right to self-identity.

Recently, atrocities believed to be committed Rakhine rebels and extremists against Rohingya in Mayu Region have been reported. Though the Rohingya always express willingness of peaceful coexistence, it was never welcomed by its sister community.