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Aye Ne Win, the grandson of the former dictator of Myanmar proposed military intelligence services to necessarily manage to go where Mr. Nay San Lwin, Dr. Maung Zarni and others anti-genocide activists live and to abduct them to hold accountable in Myanmar.

In an interview with a local media called “Akonthi” in Yangon on Nov 24, 2019, Aye Ne Win proposed this Israeli-style abduction saying, “The creatures like Maung Zarni and Nay San Lwin don’t dare come our country but scream foul besides. Just as Israel captured Eichmann from South Amerika, it’s important for our intelligence services to go where they live and kidnap them to be tried here.”

According to sources, Akonthi is his proxy media run and financed by the abductor himself.

Europe-based Lwin and Zarni may receive such criminal threats because the former is a prominent Rohingya and the latter is their friend who always stand in the forefront campaigning for justice for the genocide survivors and accountability for the perpetrators.

Reportedly they also have planned to attend the upcoming International Court of Justice hearing this month.

This type of threat is not the first of its kind as Lwin told RVision, “I have been receiving hundreds of death threats since late 2016 and this type of threat as well.”

But this time, they are taking it very seriously because “this guy Aye Ne Win is a multi-millionaire I shouldn’t ignore like others.” added Lwin.

“It is not going to halt my activism. I need to sacrifice a lot of things for my activism, so this kind of threat or any others will never halt my activism.”

Lwin further expressed how he feel saying, “I’m not scared but friends advised me to keep extra care. I’m preparing something officially… This kind of threat will make anyone feels insecure. I’m now in a safe country where human have value and everyone is protected.”

For a long time, Lwin has been dedicatedly working for Rohingya and running the blog “” that specializes in Rohingya related news and is later upgraded into a news agency called Rohingya Today “”. Rohingya Today is considered one of the authentic sources of the news about Rohingya in their restricted homeland.

Aye Ne Win is a multi-millionaire grandson of Ne Win, the dictator who set the cornerstone of Rohingya genocide after he overthrew the democratic Union Parliament of U Nu in the 1962 Burmese coup d’état.

Maintaining his grandfather’s Islamophobic legacy, Win is well-connected to all the anti-Muslim institutions. He reportedly funds Ma Ba Tha, runs several biased media outlets, and cooperates the military generals.

Aye Ne Win was sentenced to death for high treason. He also received a life prison sentence for mutiny in 2002.

He is a denier and cheerleader of Rohingya genocide. Devil begets devil!