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Buthidaung: A group of Rakhine armed men shot a Rohingya, cut his throat and took the corpse away by boat in Southern Buthidaung, according to Rohingya Today.

The victim is identified as Mohammad Naeem, 35, son of Khala Miya hailing from Kan Dar hamlet of Pho Kaung Chaung VT, Southern Buthidaung.

While Naeem was fishing in the Pho Kaung Chaung stream on 24th of November, at around 4:00 am, five Rakhine men suddenly arrived by a boat holding arms and tried to catch him and he escaped by his boat and sheltered in a home on the bank of Kan Dar stream.

The criminals chased him and surrounded the house. When he tried to flee away, they shot him and the man fell down on earth. They finally cut his throat and took his dead body away with them by their boat.

Naeem’s dead body is not returned to his family yet.

No justice is hoped for the victim as the crime committed served the interest of local authorities as well.

This is of the daily activities of Rakhine extremists in the Mayu Region.