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By Rohingya Vision TV

Phauktaw, Arakan: A group of Mogh (Rakhine) tortured and attempted to kill a Rohingya youth in a village of Phauktaw Township today (2 July 2019), reports a village.

Rohingya youth named Muhammed Alam S/O Shobi Alam was caught by a group of Moghs between the two hills located between Sandama and Kinifarang village.

Rohingya youth named Muhammed Alam S/O Shobi Alam tortured by a group Moghs in Phauktaw Township. Image: RVISION TV

Later he was brutally tortured by the group of Mogh with the intention of killing. Fortunately, some villagers passed by the road and eyewitnessed the merciless incident.

Then, he was rescued by the villagers and the group of Mogh had to run away in fear.

The cruel incident took place at around 9 am, while he was returning to Kinifarang.

Muhammed Alam hails from the internally displaced peoples camp (IDP) in Kinifarang (Kinibiyang) village of Phauktaw township.

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The rescuer villagers got him to his IDP camp in critically injured condition and is in need of immediate medical assistance.

Since 2012 state-sponsored violence on Rohingya hundreds of thousands Rohingya were forced out of their homes to the IDPs and till today they are forced to linger in inhumane conditions.

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