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Mambra, Arakan: Dozens of Rohingya injured and two killed in a village at Mambra Township yesterday (2nd June 2019), reports a local.

The ongoing fight between Burmese Military and Arakan Army (AA) have left Rohingya in a mode of panic and fear.

At around 2:30 pm, the firing between the Burmese Military and AA have started from both sides of a lake named Lambarshor at Shorfara of Shannom village tract.

[Injured Rohingya at Shorfara village of Shannom village tract. Image: RVISION TV]

In the first incident, three Rohingya got critically injured when bullets of AA hit a woman, man and a child. Immediately they were taken to the nearby clinic and are out of life threat now.

According to villagers most of the bullets are coming from the AA side and its directly falling in the lake and to both sides of lakes, where a Rohingya and a Mogh village is located.

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At the same time at 2:30 pm, another woman named Shanu and her granddaughter was also hit by a few bullets and were heard to be taken to the hospital.

Later in the evening, two more Rohingya while coming back from the market was hit by bullets and to save themselves, they hid in a place. Later a child from that incident died at hospital today.

Again a vehicle was also hit by bullets, where 4 Rohingya were travelling towards their village at Shorfara.

Killed Rohingya recovered from the lake today. Image: RVISION TV

One more Rohingya was shot to death in the same lake and his dead body was recovered from the lake today.

At night the war was ceased and then again resumed in the morning today. Further casualties are yet unknown.

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