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By Rohingay Vision TV

Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh: Reduction of World Food Program (WFP)’s ration amount to sheltering Rohingyas in several makeshift camps is likely to increase Rohingya’s sufferings at Cox’s Bazaar of Bangladesh, reports suffering Rohingya yesterday (30th June 2019) .

At camp no. 24, 25, 26 and 27 volunteers from WFP have refused to pay the total amount of food ration to each Rohingya, which was 770 taka in a month.

[Rohingya collecting food ration from WFP. image: RVISION TV]

This announcement of depletion of the ration amount was supposed to be implemented from today (1st July 2019), according to reports received from several camps.

As stated by the announcement, each person will receive 400 taka and the rest amount was said to be spent on Rohingya’s daily goods such as onions, potatoes, beans, etc.

This deduction of ration amount has increased Rohingya’s suffering further and their faces were seen in panic mode.

“We will be unable to accept this limited ration, as our children will starve to death even if we take this amount,” said a Rohingya (who is a father of five children).

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“At least we need 1000 taka each month for our household expenditures, but we managed with 770 taka each month. Now we do not know what will happen to us in future,” says another Rohingya standing in front of WFP’s office.

Now Rohingyas in the camps are in a desperate situation, who have requested to concerned International bodies, INGO’s and NGO’s to look up to their immediate needs.

[Rohingya collecting food ration from WFP. image: RVISION TV]

Since 2016, 1.3 million Rohingyas have seek refuge in the overcrowded camps of Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh – till today government of Bangladesh and INGO’s have collectively worked in assisting their humanitarian needs.

[Rohingya collecting food ration from WFP. image: RVISION TV]

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