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By Rohingya Vision TV

Maungdaw, Arakan: Burmese military and discriminatory hospital staffs started severe forms of harassment, molestation (including attempts to rape) and discrimination on Rohingya’s way to hospitals and even after reaching there, reports a Rohingya on several incidences on 21st July 2019.

On 20th July, at 4:00 pm a taxi driver named Ali Juhar was beaten severely by hospital staff, while he was waiting for a Rohingya patient in the hospital compound.

Later his front taxi glass was crushed by that discriminatory Mogh (Rakhine) staff, which was worth of 80, 000 Kyats and he said how could a Kalar (a discriminatory word used for referring Rohingya) park his vehicle at our hospital.

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The taxi belongs to Faruk, a Rohingya hailing from Bomufara village of quarter 2 of Maungdaw Township. Similarly driver Ali Juhar also belongs to the same village.

The discriminatory laboratory staff was identified to be Aung Thi Kyaw who comitted this henoious crime and earlier he also killed many pregnant Rohingya women at Maugdaw hospital through intentional wrong treatment.

In another incident on 10th July, a Rohingya woman on her way to Maungdaw hospital was molested and attempted to be raped by Burmese military from the check post of Wa Beik village, Maungdaw Township.

At the check-post, the women along with her husband were stopped by the military and they forced her to take inside their post. In that forceful incident, they molested her and torn her dress (Abaya) as well. The victim was identified to be the wife of Habiron, a Rohingya hailing from Naing Chaung village tract.

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Due to such inhumane activities of Burmese military, the remaining Rohingya females have made up their minds to die at homes with illness, instead of being raped and molested on their ways to hospitals.

Another Rohingya teenage girl died due to the lack of treatment in the ongoing fever virus named H1-M1, commonly in this monsoon season.

The dead victim was named to be Lalu, 12 D/O Lalmia from quarter 2 of Maungdaw Township.

The same fever virus has also affected hundreds of Rohingya, especially children under 10 years and no measures were taken by the government either to treat or prevent it from spreading.

Since the beginning of monsoon in June, this virus stated affecting the Rohingya in the region.

At Maungdaw hospital many patients have accumulated for the same disease but are not able to receive any forms of treatment due to lack of doctors and discrimination by the hospital nurses and officials.

Derprivation of healthcare is another rooted genocidal tool of the Burmese armed forces in Arakan, where uncountable Rohingya have paid the price of living in the own ancestral land by such similar avoidable deaths.

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