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By Rohingya Vision TV

Maungdaw, Arakan: Burmese security forces (NaKaKa) gang-raped a minor Rohingya girl to death in a village of Maungdaw Township yesterday (11th June 2019) and her killed body was found today near a checkpoint, reports a Rohingya from the recovering scene.

[Gang-raped Sameera’s dead body discovered today at 7 am. Image: RVISION TV]

Yesterday at 5:30 pm the victim, was herding her goat in a hill near to a check post at Kiyarifarang village, where she was brutally gang-raped to death by Burmese security forces.

Later, when she did not arrive with her goat, her family and relatives went to search for her in the nearby hills and fields, where she usually herds her goats.

Today at around 7 am her gang-raped body was found in a backyard of an empty house near the checkpoint of security forces named as NaKaKa (a security force who patrol Rohingya villages on daily basis).

The victim was identified to be Sameera,12, D/O Noor Bosor from Ngan Chaung village of norther Maungdaw Township.

[Gang-raped Sameera’s dead body discovered today at 7 am. Image: RVISION TV]

On her body, deep mark on her neck was seen proving of her suffocation to death. Her private part was bleeding heavily, along with several other internal injuries evidencing gang-rape. Her body was recovered by the nearby locals and was taken to Maungdaw hospital.

“This is the situation of Arakan till today, our girls are being raped by the Burmese armed forces and there is no security and safety of our lives or either property,” says a Rohingya from the village.

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According to locals, the Burmese forces named NaKaKa patrols Rohingya villages on regular basis and they are actively involved in raping, demolishing empty Rohingya houses to build camps, vandalizing Rohingya properties and religious structures and they were even witnessed in slaughtering Rohingya’s domestic animals.

Since 2016, 1.3 million Rohingya are sheltering in apartheid makeshift camps in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh and they still awaits justice and their deserved right before returning to their ancestral land.

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  1. Burmees … we never forget the blood of innocent very soon your terrisim will be clean ….

  2. Wtf is wrong with these inhuman Kunts a bullet in the head is too good for them degenerates.

  3. No action taken by NATO against Myanmar bastard government! These are crimes committed and Myanmar criminal government in which they accoutable!

  4. Shameful, terrorist activity done by Burmese Army against rohingya. No Humanity. This atrocity should be stop.
    Now it’s time to stand against Burmese Army. Minors are raped by these Shoes should be stop.

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